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Cathy Jackson-Gent, AIFA


For three decades, Cathy Jackson-Gent has offered professional financial consulting services and support to municipal agencies in the California Bay Area, specifically the Oakland community. She initially planned to use her Computer Science/Management Science dual degree from USF to work in Silicon Valley, the then-newly formed tech industry. After a short stint in a corporation, she identified her strengths and founded Global Investment Company (GIC). GIC's clients range from well-known political figures and large corporations to families focused on preserving wealth for future generations. The company thrived during the lush economy, survived the 2008-2013 recession and will expand its leadership role in the Bay Area community moving forward.
Cathy Jackson-Gent

Jasmon Jackson, M. A.

Director of Communications

Jasmon has been working with GIC for over 15 years in the areas of administration, marketing and social media. Jasmon acquired her Masters in Communications; where she developed skills in public relations, social media, education and marketing fields. She's provided tailored communication and social media strategy plans for independent artist and small businesses. As a small business owner, founder of several non profits and academic enrichment programs, an educator, writer and a mentor, Jasmon supports GIC in maintaining an eye to the world. Jasmon is looking to further her education with her Doctorate in Education and pursuing her career as a communication specialist and professor at a community college or CSU.
Jasmon Jackson

Jason Jackson

Technology and Financial Analyst

Jason is a technology evangelist, business leader, traveler and avid runner. Jason has spent the last 11 years balancing travel while building industry knowledge and expertise in internet technologies at start-ups, Cisco Systems, Oracle, and now at AWS. Jason founded Refresh Power Management to focus on disruptive technologies, including distributed systems, such as block chain and IoT, and cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, and ICOs.
Jason Jackson

Julius Jackson

Business Support Analyst

Julius has worked in commercial real estate, the music industry, insurance and finance. Julius has 10 years experience in building brands and restructuring struggling companies. He has done accounting for MAKE.Com, Transwestern, Wareham Development and LJ Bey Co. Julius has also gained much firsthand knowledge as an executive assistant to C-Level executives at Global Investment Company and Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. His strong networking skills and creative innovation stems from his years in the music industry. Whatever role Julius is playing his motto is simple, "Do your best."
Julius Jackson